Why UN38.3 certification is a MUST HAVE for lithium-ion battery product?


"The U.S Department of Transportation and many regulatory parties require that the lithium batteries are certified to UN38.3 prior to transport, this certification tells the business parties that the battery products are qualified to the shipped under security level of flame protection."

The POWEROAD batteries are all certificated to UN38.3, and let us learn about the certification tests.


To low range the environmental and physical dangers encountered not only during the shipment but also throughout the product lifetimes, lithium-ion batteries must have a safety mechanism built in. Prevailing the United Nations standard, the UN38.3 certificated lithium batteries must meet to receive certification approved independent testing laboratory. The batteries must not carry cracks, leakage, disassemble, or catch fire to receive certification.

Tests For the UN38.3 Certification

  • Thermal Tests: For assuring the cell the battery remains sealed and tight along with the extreme and high-speed temperature changes.

  • Altitude Simulation: Low-pressure tests to simulate unpressurized flight cargo space at or above 15,000 meters height.

  • Short-Circuit Tests: Simulation tests for the abilities of the battery that withstand drawn-out short-circuit conditions.

  • Vibration Test: simulation of vibration during transport, exanimating the construction and durability of the battery products throughout physical shocks.

  • Forced Charges and Discharges: evaluates the batteries’ abilities to withstand over-charge and discharge condition, and test the stated maximum discharge rate of the batteries’ states.

  • Crush and Impact: Simulations of battery meeting physical abuse that could cause internal short-circuit.

However, there are some unqualified battery products on the market, It is the retailers' duty to assure the batteries meet the UN standard. A regular and qualified lithium-ion battery could last at least 15 years of lifespan or even longer depend on how often the charge and discharge take place, therefore, the certification UN38.3 should be the primary consideration when you are selecting your battery supplier.


POWEROAD is committed to accelerating the transformation of renewable energy, and we have invested in the UN38.3 certification for all our POWEROAD products to meet the industrial safety and quality standard.

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