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ESBox 2000 Mini Home Energy System

POWERAOD ESBox 2000, the Mini Home Energy Storage System, is a completely all-in-one power solution with built-in inverter and charger for easy installation and operation. The ESBox 2000 can work as backup power, which will always keep your lights, computer, washing machine and fridge on, and phones charged when there is sudden power outage. It also can become your home’s main energy source together with the solar energy when there is no grid.


With Automatic Transfer Switch embedded in POWERAOD ESBox 2000, it can provide emergency power within 2.5S to the loads when grid or other input power fails, which means it can typically protect your home devices when an unexpected power disruption happens.

The DC and AC output power system could be used together with solar system or grid system to achieve direct power supply through its 3 USB ports, 3 12V DC ports and 2 AC ports. Multiple AC/DC outputs can meet all your daily power demands.

Besides, the ESBox 2000 produces 1500W continuous power and up to 3000W pulse power, which can drive the vast majority of home devices, including lights, computer, air conditioning, washing machine, and fridge and so on.

You can move the ESBox 2000 easily through its wheels or handles. To scale your on-grid / off-grid battery system, you can choose the ESBox 3000 to meet your more power needs.

ESBox 2000 Mini Home Energy System

Key Features

● Easy installation and operation to build the on-grid or off-grid power solution

● Small size occupation with built-in inverter and charger

● Instantly supply power as soon as 2.5S when input energy fails

● Run high-power devices with 1500W continuous AC power output

● Two ways of charging (AC charging and solar charging) ensuring flexibility and efficiency

● There is no noise and it is quite quieter than traditional diesel generators

● No worry about maintenance

● Environmental-friendly and no-polluting



Cell Chemistry


Rated Capacity





Built-in AC charger


Solar PV




Output ports

USB-A Output 1,2

5V2A (Max 5V2.4A, 2 channels)

USB-A Output 3

5V2.4A, 9V2A, 12V1.5A (18W, QC3.0)

12V DC Output

12.8V2.5A (32W, 3 channels)

AC Mains Supply Output

Same as mains supply (1900W, 3000W pulse)

AC Inverter Output

230V50Hz, 6.8A (1500W, 3000W pulse, Pure Sine Wave)


Operating Temperature

-20℃ to +45℃






Q1: Can POWEROAD ESBox 2000 be left plugged in all the time?

A: Yes. The ESBox 2000 can be connected with grid and loads for full time. When it is plugged in, the ESBox 2000 will be fully charged and the AC output power is directly from mains supply.

Q2: How can I build an off-grid solar system with the battery energy system?

A: You can connect your solar panels directly with the ESBox 2000 through the solar input ports. Make sure the solar panels comply with the product requirements. Please check specification details in the above table.

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