What are the differences between starting batteries and deep cycle batteries?

What is the difference between starting batteries and deep cycle batteries?

As you might know, batteries can be generally divided into starting batteries and deep cycle batteries, the starting batteries are designed to deliver a huge burst current for a very short period, the surge current is so powerful that can turn the engine on during the starting process and the alternator takes over. The surge current can go up to 100 times of the capacity rate, for example, a 12 volt 6 amp hour lithium starting battery can deliver 600 amps of surge current when it is triggered, of course, the discharge would only last for 1-3 seconds. Once the engine gets started, the alternator will take over.

Starting Battery means Single Burst Energy


Starting batteries are used for starting vehicles or any other applications that require a massive amount of power of instant surge current for activation, for example, your cars, motorcycles, or any other gasoline engines. Lithium starting batteries can get the job done more easier due to their very lightweight and high-capacity availability, however, lithium starting batteries can only be placed somewhere far from the engine space due to the thermal concern, which is why we barely see lithium starting batteries on an everyday driver.

Deep Cycle Batteries Are Meant To Be Storing Energy For A Long Time


The deep cycle batteries are designed to provide a sustained power delivery of a current over a long period. This functionality decides the characteristic of the batteries that can not take a very high current of power, the maximum discharge current of a deep cycle battery is 1C to 1.5C, the starting batteries, however, can take 100C by comparison.

Due to the low maximum discharge current, the deep cycle batteries are usually not capable of starting engines or gasoline generators.

POWEROAD has a completed product line that covers both lithium starting batteries and deep cycle batteries solution, a POWEROAD starting battery can deliver a discharge capacity rate at 100C with up to 800 Amps of instant surge current, and a POWEROAD starting battery can be fully charged in between 30 minutes to 1 hour base on the charging current, by comparison, the lead-acid starting batteries need at least 1 hour for a full charge.

In addition, the POWEROAD lithium ion phosphate deep cycle batteries are the best match for RVs, Marine Boats and off-grid solar energy systems, over 95% of the generated energy can be stored in the batteries versus approximately 76% for SLA batteries.

Click the links below to learn more about the POWEROAD 12 Volt Starting Solution and 12 Volt Deep Cycle Solution.

12 Volt Starting Solution: https://www.poweroad.com/lithium-mortorcycle-battery-and-charger/

12 Volt Deep Cycle Solution: https://www.poweroad.com/lifepo4-battery-pack/

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