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PLFE-C22S OEM Lithium Motorcycle Starting Battery For Racing Car

POWEROAD PLFE-C22S OEM lithium motorcycle starting battery replaces Samsung C22S battery as used in KTM and Husqvarna MX bikes. With the latest technology in motorcycle battery, the lightest and most environmentally friendly options on the market.

Key Features

Safety is the always the top priority in our production, that is why we choose Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries, although it offer less energy density than other types of Lithium-ion batteries, it is more chemically stable and not as susceptible to thermal overrun that can cause a fire.

PLFE-C22S OEM Lithium Motorcycle Starting Battery For Racing Car

Other main features and benefits of our original design motorcycle battery are as below,

● Super High-rate continuous discharge current

● Drop-in replacement with current lead-acid battery, and compatible with original motorcycle charging system

● Excellent cycle life – 2000+

● Dynamic charge acceptance

● 60% lighter than comparable lead acid battery, much more suitable for racing bike, dirt bike and Harley

● 230℃ high temperature resistance thanks to formulated flame retardant case material by our R&D

● Able to start the vehicle after 12 months storage

● No acid and heavy metals pollution



●  Power:12V24Wh(2Ah)

●  Length: 86mm

●  Width: 48mm

●  Height: 90mm

●  C.C.A: 140A

●  Charge amps(STD-MAX) – 1-4A

●  Polarity: – +

●  Replacement: Samsung C22S battery



OEM motorcycle battery: UN38.3, CE certificates are all available.



Q1: Can I charge a POWEROAD PLFE-C22S OEM Lithium Motorcycle Starting Battery with traditional Lead acid battery chargers?

Usually it is. Please read the user manual carefully and check the functions of the lead-acid battery to ensure that the charger can be used safely. In addition, POWEROAD has also developed its own charger, which is very suitable for POWEROAD motorcycle batteries and traditional lead-acid motorcycle batteries. For more detailed information about the charger, please see the “Motorcycle Battery Charger” page.

Q2: How do I store the POWEROAD PLFE-C22S OEM Lithium Motorcycle Starting Battery?

In the case that you need to store your bike for a long period of time, you should disconnect the battery. If you’re storing the battery out of the bike just put it in a cold dry place and cover the terminals with tape to protect from accidental shorting of the positive and negative terminals. The battery hold its charge for up to a year, but check it every 6 months. Do not leave a battery connected if you know you will not be riding for a long time.

Q3: Can the POWEROAD PLFE-C22S OEM Lithium Motorcycle Starting Battery be laid on their side?

Yes. POWEROAD PLFE-C22S OEM Lithium motorcycle battery can be installed in any orientation without the risk of leakage.

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