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Backer 4800 48V Home Energy Storage Battery

Engineered from the very beginning, POWEROAD Backer 4800 is one of the most reliable LiFePO4 rechargeable battery that can be used for home energy storage battery. For wholesale only.

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We are dedicated to making the best and safest Lithium batteries by using safest LiFePO4 battery cells and most reliable components. As one member of the Backer series, the Backer 4800 is backed by the same highest quality as the Backer 2400 with premium performances and perfect compatibility for emergency backup power.

The Backer 4800 features with many advantages, like long service life, compact size, less weight, high rate charge and discharge and others. The battery can be connected with most inverters and chargers available in the market. Also, it can be used to develop a reliable solar battery bank together with most solar panels.

With more than 10 years’ experience in Lithium battery industry, POWEROAD knows well about specific battery requirements of each application, for example, battery for Uninterrupted Power Supply, for household usage, etc.

Backer 4800 48V Home Energy Storage Battery

Key Features

● High performance: Top-brand LiFePO4 Lithium battery ensuring safety and reliability

● 19 inch standard size for easy installation and maintenance operation

● Convenient charging: can be charged by original Lead acid battery charging system

● Thousands of cycles for long service life

● Parallel connection of 8 batteries for expanded battery capacity

● High rate discharge and charge

● Built-in BMS protects battery from abnormal conditions and ensures efficient operation

● Eco friendly: no lead. no heavy metals, no toxic element


Nominal Voltage

48 V


4.8 kWh

Charging Voltage


Charging Current Limit

10 A

Discharging Cut-off Voltage

40.5 V

Max. Continuous Charging Current

100 A

Max. Continuous Discharging Current

100 A


50 kg

Dimension (W x H x D)

486×205×520 mm

Operating Temperature

0~45℃ (Charging) -20~60℃ (Discharging)

Relative Humidity

25%~85% RH


≤4000 M

Communication Interface

RS485, CAN


If need more capacity, module can be connected in parallel max. 8P


Q1. Can I use Backer 4800, the 48V power bank, for indoor distribution system?

A: Yes. The Backer 4800 is manufactured to be used for many applications, including backup power and home energy system. To build a complete home energy system, you can consult with the local distributor.

Q2. Can the Backer 4800 be connected in parallel and series?

A: The Backer 4800 can be assembled in parallel to get expanded capacity, but it cannot be wired in series.

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