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Backer 2400 48V Home Energy Storage Battery

POWEROAD developed and manufactured Backer 2400, the 48V battery backup system. It is a compact package of high energy density and long service life to be applied in a wide range of applications. For wholesale only.

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Integrated with highly reliable LiFePO4 lithium-ion battery and Battery Management System (BMS), POWEROAD Backer 2400 can be used to build backup power system for energy desired at your home, to keep your critical devices powered on.

Our Backer 2400 is modular designed low voltage energy storage system. The standardized design offers many advantages, like modular assembly, simple and fast installation and convenient maintenance.

The Backer series uses innovative BMS management mechanism that provides refined management when balancing battery cells. Thanks to the advanced BMS, long service life, high level of safety and excellent reliability are guaranteed for crucial operations, including working as the backup battery system for home.

Backer 2400 48V Home Energy Storage Battery

Key Features

The Backer 2400 is designed and produced with highest quality and can offer below main features:

● Mature LiFePO4 battery technology ensures highly safety and stability

● Fast charging is available to fully recharge battery within 1 hour

● Parallel connection to increase the system voltage for flexible capacity expansion

● Up to 1C continuous discharge current supports large load

● Can be connected to inverter for on-grid or off-grid applications

● Compact design saves space and light weight makes easy movability

● RS485 and CAN multi communication capability allows compatibility with many devices

● Smart BMS intelligently protects battery from over-voltage, over-charge, over-discharge, over-current, or high/low temperature damage


Nominal Voltage

48 V


2.4 kWh

Charging Voltage


Charging Current Limit

10 A

Discharging Cut-off Voltage

40.5 V

Max. Continuous Charging Current

50 A

Max. Continuous Discharging Current

50 A


32 KG

Dimension (W x H x D)

486×133×430 mm

Operating Temperature

0~45℃ (Charging) -20~60℃ (Discharging)

Relative Humidity

25%~85% RH


≤4000 M

Communication Interface

RS485, CAN


If need more capacity, module can be connected in parallel max. 8P


Q1. Do I need backup power supply?

A: Most likely yes if short-term power interruptions or unreliable grid connections happen frequently. The power for backup can be used to protect your sensitive electronic equipment, like your computers

Q2. How to use the Backer 2400 to build a home energy storage system?

A: Our Backer 2400 can be easily assembled in parallel to scale the energy capacity to meet all your home power needs. Connect the Backer 2400 with right inverters, and then a simple home energy storage system is completed. Before choose the right inverters, please check with local distributors.

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