POWEROAD 100Wh&200Wh Portable Power Supply Will Hit The Market Soon!

POWERAOD PIME 100 and PRIME 200, the new family members of our PRIME 450, PRIME 620 and PRIME 750, are the small and high-power portable power supply with a body capacity of 100Wh and 200Wh. The PIME 100 and PRIME 200 use highly safe lithium-ion batteries to optimize the energy efficiency of the battery and has multiple protections.


Most portable chargers on the market just feature USB charging ports, which is only capable of charging tablets and smartphones. However, POWEROAD PRIEM 100 and PRIME 200 can do much more than just that. The PRIME 100 features a 100W (200W peak) AC port that can charge devices like laptops, cameras and more; still two USB-A ports and one Type-C QC 3.0 USB port to charge other gadgets like smartphones, tablets, fans and more. Also, the PRIME 200 features a 200W (400W peak) AC port and same USB ports as the PRIME 100.


Both of them can be widely used to recharge multiple devices for lighting, entertainment in any camping, road trip and emergency needs, such as power outages, hurricanes, and earthquakes.



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