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Prime 750 Outdoor Portable Power

POWEROAD Prime 750 is a lithium ion power station with 110V/500W or 220V~240V/500W AC outlet, depending on the different sales territories. With versatile output ports covering both DC and AC, it can power up your necessary devices when there is no mains. For wholesale only.


To cope with the trend of outdoor activities, Prime 750 delivers power for outdoor creation, disaster release, and mobile working, etc. Working as a lithium portable power station, Prime 750 powers up many devices and tooling in daily life, it makes your life and work more convenient and free.

Key Features

– It is designed for outdoor application with rugged construction.

– It has DC & AC all-in-one operation to master numerous tasks.

– Own-developed pure sine wave inverter built-in.

– It adopts advanced lithium-ion battery cell along with other quality components to ensure the long lifespan.

– It is light-weight, compact and reliable.

– As a lithium power generator, it generates power without noise or fuss.



Battery Type

Li-ion battery (NMC)

Battery Capacity

786 Wh (10.8 V 72.8 Ah)

Cycle Life


Input (Charge Time)

AC Wall Charging

12.6 V 10A (Fully Charged Approx. 5 hours)

Solar Charging

14-20 V / Max. power up to 125 W

AC Output

Total Port

2 × AC ports

Rated Power

500 W (Pure Sine Wave)

Instant Peak Power

2500 W


230 V/50 Hz; 110 V//60 Hz

DC Output

USB Port

1 × 5 V 1 A

1 × 5 V 2 A
1 × 5 V 2.4 A (Fast Charge)

Cigarette Lighter Socket

1 × 12 V/60 W (Max. Power 96W)

DC Port

2 × 12 V 2.5 A

LED Lighting


High Bright (100% power)

Normal (50% power)
Energy Saving (25% power)
Emergency Flash
SOS Signal


Dimensions (L × W × H)

349 × 160 × 285 mm (13.7 × 6.3 × 11.2 inch)

Net Weight

7.5 kg (16.5 lbs)

Working Temperature

Discharge Temperature: -10 to 45℃ (14 to 131℉)

Charge Temperature: 0~45℃ (32 to 113℉)



* More AC output options for various markets including: USA/MEX/CAN/JPN, BGR/IRL/MLT/MAS/SIN, AUS/NZL/ARG, and Europe/Asia/South America.
* All technical specifications under testing conditions at 25℃ (77℉)

Product Highlight

It is designed by inspiration of Transformers Humblebee, as a popular stylish lithium power station, it incorporates fashion design factors and robust construction, thus visual aesthetic and practicability are both blended into Prime 750. It is honored as the most adorable portable power product of POWEROAD.

Prime 750 Outdoor Portable Power


Q1: How can I DIY my solar system using Prime 750?

A: You can connect Prime 750 with foldable solar PV to DIY a portable solar system.

Q2: Can I use Prime 750 to power up CPAP?

A: Yes. Thanks to the superior technology, the THD (Total Harmonic Distortion) of Prime 750 is less than 3%, which is even purer than the mains electricity, and it is capable to power up precise medical devices.

Q3: What devices can be powered up by Prime 750?

A: Prime 750 powers up most gears in daily life, you can refer to the parameters to further more information about the devices, and how many recharges or how long they can be powered up.

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