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Residential Battery for Household Emergency Electricity Power Backup

Житловий будинок BESS

POWEROAD Residential Battery’s modular design enables easy scalable configurations, without extra installations, you can easily extend battery capacity like playing with blocks. It can be paired with mainstreaming inverters, to output AC power for home appliances during power outages.

Акумуляторна батарея LiFePO4

POWEROAD has been providing a variety of trusty lithium-ion battery pack solutions to the market, we have helped over 200 excellent clients to build and boost their lithium business, and we are more than happy to deliver more high-quality solutions to more customers.


Пускова акумуляторна батарея для мотоциклів

Poweroad Lithium Starting Battery delivers up to 100C cranking power at peak and 70C cranking power at regular, with maintenance-free features, -20

Портативна електростанція

Off-gird life has never been such easy, bring your power support everywhere.