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YTX7L-BS/ YTZ7S OEM LiFePO4 стартерная батарея для мотоциклов

Замена литий-ионного стартового аккумулятора для мотоциклов YTX7L-BS/ YTZ7S

● Экологичность - не токсичен, не содержит кислоты, может быть установлен в любом направлении.
● Малый вес - до 60% легче свинцово-кислотных аккумуляторов, подходит для силовых видов спорта.
●Массивная мощность - 25℃ Превосходная производительность до 70C-100C.
●Надежная долговечность - силиконовый герметик со степенью защиты IP56.


The POWEROAD PLFE-7 lineup has PLFE-7L and PLFE-7S two variations, relatively fungible of lead-acid battery model YTX7L-BS and YTZ7S. The compact size gives it an excellent Drop-In experience, as a replacement for the OEM Lead-Acid batteries of the same size, the PLFE-7 lineup can provide up to 70C cranking power up to 140A for 15s, meeting all general needs of starting most of the power sport vehicle engines.

YTX7L-BS/ YTZ7S OEM LiFePO4 стартерная батарея для мотоциклов

YTX7L-BS/ YTZ7S OEM LiFePO4 стартерная батарея для мотоциклов

Fast Charging

Cold Temp. Performance

Superior Heat Resistance

Super-fast 2C charging rate through high current.

-20℃ Superior Cold Cranking Performance up to 20-25C

230℃ Heat resistance thanks to our UL94-V0 Level Unique Housing design


Massive Power

Trusty Durability

No toxic,no acid, can be installed in any direction.

25℃ Superior Cranking Performance up to 70C-100C

Silicone sealant With IP56 rate protection

· Model: PLFE – 7L / 7S



Размеры (Д х Ш х В)(ММ)

● 114x70x105


– +

Масса (кг)

●7L: 0.72 kg/ 1.58 lbs

Номинальное напряжение

● 12 V

●7S: 0.68 kg/ 1.5 lbs

Ampere Hour (Ah)

● 2 Ah

Тип терминала

● M6


● 24Wh

Материал корпуса

● 230℃ Heat Resistance


● 3 % monthly

Защита корпуса

● IP54

Температура разряда (℃)

● -20°C~ +55°C

Тип клетки - химия

● Чехол - LiFePO4

Температура заряда (℃)

● 0°C ~ +45°C

Charge Retention

● >97% per Month



Cranking Current

● 140A (70C) ≤15S



Cold Cranking Ampere

● 60A(30C)≤15S at -18℃


Пиковый ток разряда

● 140 A @ 15s

●UN 38,3

● 200 A @ 1s

Классификация грузов

●UN 3480

Зарядный ток

● Standard: 2 A


● Maximum: 4 A



Жизнь цикла

● 2000

Основные характеристики

The Graphene Lithium motorcycle battery feature outstanding performances, bring vast benefits to your power sport gears.

● Up to 70-80C Maximum continuous discharge current

● Magnificent Cold Cranking Power

● Robust All-brass Terminal Connections

● ≥2,500 cycle charge life, up to 6x higher than the lead-acid equivalent

● UL94-V0 Level Casing, Up to 230℃ Fire Resistance.

● Ultra Light Weight, 60% lighter than the lead-acid equivalent

● Eco-friendly, no toxic, no acid, no heavy metal

● ≤2% self-discharge rate, maintenance free, hands free

● Thermal Silicone Sealant, Stable from the internal

Poweroad Standard

● Rigorous Quality & Environmental Management Systems

-ISO 900 1:2015 Quality Management System

-ISO 14001:2015 Система экологического менеджмента

-SA 8000:2014 Социальная ответственность

● In-depth experience: Professional Lithium-ion battery solution provider since 2009

● Trusty R&D ability with owned BMS design capability

● Well-Equipped manufacturing facilities with intelligent production management

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