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POWEROAD начнет строительство нового завода по производству аккумуляторных батарей для удовлетворения потребностей
растущий спрос на накопители энергии на основе литиевых батарей

POWEROAD will construct a new facility with an annual output of 6 GWh in Shanghang County, Longyan City, Fujian Province, to increase total manufacturing capacity in the lithium-ion battery pack, which will primarily be used for energy storage system applications.

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October EXHIBITION REVIEW: POWEROAD – devotes to providing Behind-The-Meter energy storage solutions

POWEROAD has exhibited at the Romania, Australia, and Saudi Arabia this October, showcasing our energy storage solutions from residential level to C&I level, serving customers from household residents to business.

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POWEROAD вводит в эксплуатацию новую производственную линию на производственной базе в Сямыне

In compliance with strict quality requirements and ongoing technological advancement, POWEROAD invests both in technology research and production equipment to produce goods appropriate for usage throughout China and the world.

Обучение производственной команды POWEROAD

Обучение сотрудников отдела продаж POWEROAD по вопросам производства и изготовления продукции

POWEROAD’s sales team and product & technical team have received production-related training in our manufacturing base, including battery technical understanding, product design concept, production process, and so on.

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POWEROAD продолжает расширять возможности сотрудников отдела продаж с помощью непрерывного внутреннего обучения

POWEROAD has arranged a series of internal sales staff training sessions focused on energy storage system technical principles and product know-how for both residential and C&I applications.

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POWEROAD передал пожертвование летнему лагерю социальной защиты населения

POWEROAD, a high-tech corporation energy company recently donated to public welfare summer camp activities for children. The company has always been committed to serving society and giving back to the community.

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Мы будем участвовать в выставке Battery Show Europe 2023

Booth: 6-C57
Date: 23rd -25th May, 2023
Place: Messe Stuttgart, Germany

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Review of The Solar Show Africa 2023

The Solar Show Africa 2023, has been successfully finished yesterday, April 26th, and has drawn more than 13,000 global attendees, hundreds of inspiring speakers, and hundreds of innovative brands showcasing the latest tech at this record-breaking edition.


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