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POWEROAD Era L2-48 Sistem rezidențial de stocare a energiei cu baterii LiFePO4

POWEROAD H-U48100 48V 100Ah racking residential LiFePO4 battery energy storage system with built-in own-developed BMS.
● Safety First: Powered by LiFePO4 battery, controlled, and monitored by the POWEROAD BMS.
● Flexible Configuration: Modular design enables scalable configurations, extend capacity as your needs.
● Connectivity: Available for RS485, CANBUS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, easy communication.
● Compact & Solid: Standard 19-inch embedded design, Slide-in, plug in, that’s it, Supplying loads with solid power.
● Eco-Friendly: No toxic element, no pollution is developed, green power, and powerful.


Solar power is becoming increasingly popular as the world is moving towards renewable energy sources, however, the biggest challenge with solar power is that it is not available 24/7, and the lithium-ion battery-based residential battery system can help store the solar power and provide power supply when needed.
A lithium-ion battery-based residential battery system consists built-in BMS and 100ah deep cycle battery, is a rechargeable li-ion battery with 48V platform, which can be configured in several parallel to extend the total battery capacity. The POWEROAD LiFePO4 residential battery is the mature lithium battery technology and is UN3480 certificated.

The POWEROAD Rack Battery, H-U48100 series is a BESS that covers a variety of application scenarios, including residential, backup power supply, and more, users can extend the system capacity by adding more battery modules to achieve a longer range of performance.

Given the credit to the POWEROAD BMS, users can scale the battery configuration from 1pcs to 15 pcs in parallel to meet the use requirement, the system supports power configuration from 4.8kWh to 72kWh.

Powered by LiFePO4 battery technology, the POWEROAD Rack Battery delivers a secured, sustained, and powerful energy supply, keeping critical appliances in charge and guarding your power consumption with ideal performance.

POWEROAD Era LU2 100Ah Residential LiFePO4 Battery Energy Storage SystemPOWEROAD Era LU2 100Ah Residential LiFePO4 Battery Energy Storage System

Elemente cheie

Advantages of POWEROAD Lithium-ion Battery-based Residential Battery System
Firstly, it provides a reliable power backup for homes, ensuring that you have access to electricity even during power outages.
Secondly, it is an eco-friendly solution that reduces your carbon footprint.
Thirdly, it is a cost-effective solution that saves you money in the long term. It is ideal for homes that want to save money on their electricity bills.
Lastly, it is a low-maintenance solution that requires minimal maintenance.

Selecția celulelor calificate:

We offer the best selections, giving you a wide range of choices of battery cells including CATL, CALB, EVE, etc. All battery cells are UL1642/IEC62133/IEC62619 Qualified. You make the decision, and we handle the rest.

Componente de înaltă eficiență:

POWEROAD ONLY applies top-tier conductors to the battery products, giving one of the best guarantees to reduce the resistance and boosts the performance.

Trusty Production:

POWEROAD a trecut de principalele certificări de producție la nivel mondial, promitem clienților noștri o procedură de producție profesională și riguroasă de operare standard, asigurând că procesul de construcție este științific și calitatea construcției este solidă.

Inspecție riguroasă:

POWEROAD has over 20 steps of inspections that cover before, during, and after production, we deliver one of the most rigorous inspection SOP in the industry, assuring the product quality, and improving the customer experience.

Tip de baterie


Tensiune nominală (V)


Capacitatea bateriei (Ah)


Energie nominală (Wh)


Ciclul de viață


Tensiunea de încărcare (V)


Tensiunea de descărcare (V)


Recomandați curent de încărcare/descărcare (A)


Max. Curent de încărcare/descărcare (A)


Curentul de vârf de încărcare/descărcare (A)


Configurație (max. în 1 grup de baterii, buc)


Specificații mecanice

Dimensiune (mm)


Greutate (Kg)



RS485, CAN

Clasa de protecție


Tip de răcire

Răcire naturală

Temperatura de lucru (℃)

Taxa: 0~50

Descărcare: -10 ~ 50


5% ~ 85%(RH) Fără condensare


CE, UN38.3

Avantajele noastre

1. Diving deep into the battery industry for 20 years, with 15+ years of lithium-based manufacturing experience.

2. Un fundal tehnologic solid, cu o dezvoltare BMS proprie, oferim clienților noștri o producție de încredere.

3. Am respectat standardele riguroase, inclusiv UL, MSDS, UN38.3, ISO9001, ISO14001 și altele.

Certificatele noastre

POWEROAD Era LU2 100Ah Residential LiFePO4 Battery Energy Storage System

Punctele forte ale companiei

● Experiență aprofundată: furnizor profesionist de soluții pentru baterii litiu-ion din 2009

● Safety-first product philosophy: tier-1 battery cell selection

● Respectarea sistemelor de management al calității și de mediu

-Sistemul de management al calității ISO 9001:2015

-Sistemul de management de mediu ISO 14001:2015

-SA 8000:2014 Responsabilitate socială

● Capacitate puternică de cercetare și dezvoltare, în special capacitatea de proiectare independentă a BMS

● Facilități avansate de producție cu management inteligent al producției

La dispoziția dumneavoastră

POWEROAD deține o înțelegere completă a încărcării și utilizării bateriilor de litiu pentru motociclete pentru a oferi clienților noștri cel mai înalt nivel de asistență post-vânzare. Toate seriile POWEROAD Graphene sunt susținute de o politică de garanție standard pentru baterii. Perioadele de garanție pot fi extinse la cerere.

Shipping details:

 1. The lithium-ion battery based products are suitable for ocean shipment. The products are well packed and shipped per dangerous goods, following the UN transportation regulations, with necessary documentation, packaging, and labels.

2. All the goods are UN38.3 certified, and packed in UN cartons, well organized on 110*80*110cm / 110*80*150cm / 110*80*160cm / 110*80*200cm pallet, and shipped in 20 feet or 40 feet containers or HQ containers. The packages are various subject to the different order quantities.



– Why should the resident deploy BESS at home?

A: With the increasing power demand on the public grid, most of the existing public grid system is most likely not be able to support, the risk of the public grid crushing is increasing day by day, not only causing household base energy concerns but also driving higher electricity bill due to the continues maintenance cost of the public grid system.

The POWEROAD residential battery energy storage system is determined to optimize the modern residential energy consumption model, exploring more availabilities for every household to reduce the reliance on the public grid, assuring the power supply when electricity shortage comes.

– What benefits does the POWEROAD Resident BESS can provide?

R: Având în vedere numeroasele avantaje ale tehnologiilor bateriilor LiFePO4, utilizatorii pot stoca energie masivă în POWEROAD Residential BESS prin încărcarea rețelei publice sau fotovoltaice și pot descărca în timpul perioadei de timp cu sarcini reduse.

This not only allows the household to have better grid independence but also translates the energy storage into the lower price of electricity bills.

– What are the differences between the Era-LS and H-U?

R: S vine de la Stacking, R vine de la Rack, principala diferență între Era-LS și H-U este forma structurilor lor. Ambele serii permit utilizatorilor să extindă capacitatea sistemului prin adăugarea mai multor module de baterii, însă, spre deosebire de H-U, care extinde capacitatea prin cablare în paralel, extinderea capacității în Era-LS nu necesită niciun fel de cablare, ceea ce permite mai mult spațiu pentru optimizarea spațiului.

Era-LS poate fi instalat atât în interior, cât și în exterior, datorită gradului de protecție IP55, în timp ce H-U poate fi instalat doar în scenarii de interior.

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