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Prime 200 Outdoor Portable Power

POWEROAD Prime 200 is a Lithium-ion AC portable power bank with battery capacity of 200Wh and versatile DC and AC output ports. It is compact, light and easy to carry to any place where power is needed.


The Prime 200 is designed as a portable Lithium-ion battery charger with balance of high capacity, weight and extremely versatile DC and AC charging output ports for travel. It can charge various electronic appliances. The PRIME 200 features one AC power socket: 110V/220V pure sine wave with 200W (peak 400W), Type-C output port (1 port): 65W, Ordinary USB port (2 ports): each 18W.

The Prime 200 is an ideal portable battery pack for travel, night fishing or when you need outdoor power for lighting, entertainment in any road trip and camping or when you need backup power for emergency needs, like power outages, typhoons and earthquakes.

Key Features

● 65W Type-C portable power station supports fast charging.

● Sturdily built power bank for long lasting life.

● Pure sine wave technology protects high-precision devices.

● It has total 4 DC & AC outputs to power a long list of electronic devices.

● Advanced lithium-ion battery cell with multiple protections ensure high level of safety.

● Great balance of portability, high capacity and reliability.

● It works quietly with no fuss.

Prime 200 Outdoor Portable Power Prime 200 Outdoor Portable Power Prime 200 Outdoor Portable Power Prime 200 Outdoor Portable Power



Battery Type

Li-ion battery (NMC)

Battery Capacity


Cycle Life



Type-C Charging

DC 20V3.25A/ 15V3A/ 12V3A/ 9V3A/ 5V3A

AC Output

Total Port

1 × AC port

Rated Power

200W (Pure Sine Wave)

Instant Peak Power



230V/50Hz; 110V/60Hz

DC Output

USB Port

USB 1 12V1.5A/ 9V2A/ 5V2.4A

USB 2 12V1.5A/ 9V2A/ 5V2.4A

Type-C DC 20V3.25A/ 15V3A/ 12V3A/ 9V3A/ 5V3A


Dimensions (L × W × H)

80 × 80 × 215 mm

Working Temperature

Discharge Temperature: -10℃ ~ +45℃

Charge Temperature: 0℃ ~ +45℃

* All technical specifications under testing conditions at 25℃.


Q1: What can the 200Wh lithium-ion power bank power for?

A: You can use the Prime 200 anytime and anywhere to power the light, mobile phone, tablet, laptop, game machine, speakers, fans, toy car, UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) and many other electronic devices.

Q2: What is the output power of the Prime 200?

A: There are total 4 outputs: 1 AC output and 3 DC outputs. 1) As to the AC output, the power can reach 200W with 400W as the peak power. 2) As to the DC outputs, for traditional 2 USB outputs, the power is 18W for each, While for the latest Type-C output, the power is as much as 65W.

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