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Prime 100 Outdoor Portable Power

POWEROAD Prime 100 is a small and high-power lithium ion power bank with a body capacity of 100Wh. It can be widely used to recharge your smartphones, tablets and erven laptops & Macbooks and many other electronic devices for extended periods. It can be lifesaver during your travel. For wholesale only.


Most portable chargers on the market just feature USB charging ports, which is only capable of charging tablets and smartphones. However, POWEROAD Prime 100 can do much more than just that. POWEROAD Prime 100, the compact portable Lithium-ion battery pack, offers a balance of high capacity, weight and extremely versatile charging features.

The PRIME 100 features a 100W (200W peak) AC port that can charge devices like laptops, cameras and more; still two USB-A ports and one Type-C QC 3.0 USB port to charge other gadgets like smartphones, tablets, fans and more. The Type-C portable charger get charged and can charge electronic devices two to three times faster than traditional USB portable power banks.

Key Features

● It supports fast-charging and can be charged quickly via Type-C port.

● Multiple DC & AC output ports for multiple electronic devices.

● Highly safe lithium battery to optimize the energy efficiency

● It features various protections for long lifespan.

● It is light-weight, compact and reliable.

● As a Lithium portable power station, it generates clean power without noise or fuss.

● It is approved for carry in carry-on baggage on flights.

Prime 100 Outdoor Portable Power Prime 100 Outdoor Portable Power Prime 100 Outdoor Portable Power Prime 100 Outdoor Portable Power



Battery Type

Li-ion battery (NMC)

Battery Capacity


Cycle Life



Type-C Charging

DC 20V3.25A/ 15V3A/ 12V3A/ 9V3A/ 5V3A

AC Output

Total Port

1 × AC port

Rated Power

100W (Modified Sine Wave)

Instant Peak Power



230V/50Hz; 110V/60Hz

DC Output

USB Port

USB 1 12V1.5A/ 9V2A/ 5V2.4A

USB 2 12V1.5A/ 9V2A/ 5V2.4A

Type-C DC 20V3.25A/ 15V3A/ 12V3A/ 9V3A/ 5V3A


Dimensions (L × W × H)

80 × 80 × 169 mm

Working Temperature

Discharge Temperature: -10℃ ~ +45℃

Charge Temperature: 0℃ ~ +45℃

* All technical specifications under testing conditions at 25℃.


Q1: When and where can I use my Prime 100?

A: You can use the Prime 100 anytime to recharge your mobile phone, tablet, laptop, speakers, fans and many other devices for lighting, entertainment in any camping, road trip and emergency needs, such as power outages, hurricanes, and earthquakes.

Q2: What is the AC output power of the Prime 100?

A: The Prime 100, the AC portable power for travel, can deliver as much as 100W output AC power and 200W instant pea

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