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POWEROAD 12V 150Ah BCI Group 31 LiFePO4 Bluetooth Self-Heating Battery

12V 150Ah BCI Group 31 Lithium-ion Phosphate Bluetooth Battery

●> 100% Usable Energy: 100% Depth of Discharge, Fully Utilize Each Charges.
●Wide-Range Certificated: UL, UN38.3, CE, MSDS, etc.
●Safety First: Safest LiFePO4 Technology Armed with BMS.
●Bluetooth Connection: Monitor With Mobile Devices.
●Optional Pre-Heat Charging: Warm Up Before Taking Charge In Wintertime.
●10 Years Run Time: 4000 Cycle Life Equivalent To 10-15 Years Service Life.

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The POWEROAD PRLB-150 is a 12V 150Ah LiFePO4 deep cycle battery, with the built-in Bluetooth feature which allows the users to monitor the battery in real-time. Armed with UL94-V0 Level Heat Resistance Case and shaped in BCI Group 31 form factor, dedicated designed for the drop-in replacement of the AGM, lead-acid or any other BCI Group 31 equivalents.

The PRLB-150 battery supports up to wiring 6 packs in parallel configuration, which allows the users to establish 12V 10.8kWh off-grid system.

Our excellent enclosure design not only gives the battery IP66 rated protection, keeping the battery away from the splashes and dirt, but also allows the users to unbox the battery for future maintenance or modifications. It works perfectly for most outdoor scenarios, such as RV off-grid systems, marine yacht mini-grid systems, and more.

POWEROAD 12V 150Ah BCI Group 31 LiFePO4 Bluetooth Self-Heating Battery

POWEROAD 12V 150Ah BCI Group 31 LiFePO4 Bluetooth Self-Heating Battery

Model: PRLB-150



Dimensions (L x W x H)(MM)

● 330x173x240

Nominal Voltage

● 12 V

Weight (Kg)

● 20

Nominal Capacity

● 150 Ah

Terminal Type

● M8


● 1920 Wh

Case Material

● UL94-V0 Level Heat Resistance Case

Self Discharge

● <3% per Month

● With ABS & PC

Discharge Temperature (℃)

● -20°C~ +55°C

Enclosure Protection

● IP66

Charge Temperature (℃)

● 0°C ~ +45°C

Cell Type – Chemistry

● LiFePO4


● 6P

BCI Group

● BCI Group 31


● Bluetooth 4.0



Charge Voltage

● 14.4 V



Charge Current

● Standard: 40 A


● Maximum: 100 A


Discharge Cut-off Voltage

● 10 V

●UN 38.3

Continuous Discharge Current

● Standard: 60 A

Shipping Classification

●UN 3480, CLASS 9

● Maximum: 200 A

Peak Discharge Current

● 400 A @3s

Cycle Life

● 4000 @ 80% DOD

Key Features

Connected with Pure Copper Busbars:

We only use pure copper to connect the battery cells and the interiors, giving the best guarantee of resistance reduction and performance boosts.

Intelligent Warm up Feature:

When condition meets, close-fit heating module warms up the battery cells, secures the charges and the battery life. You only need to plug in the charge, and the battery handles the rest.

Built-in Bluetooth :

No need for external monitors to check the battery condition, Poweroad LINC EXTN series brings you an excellent lithium battery monitoring experience, integrates all the crucial information into the user interface, one glance, you will see all.

More Battery Cell Info

POWEROAD 12V 150Ah BCI Group 31 LiFePO4 Bluetooth Self-Heating Battery

Our Advantages

1. Diving deep into the battery industry for 20 years, with 15+ years of lithium-based manufacture experience.

2. Solid technology background with owned BMS development, we provide our customers with trusty production.

3. We complied with the rigorous standards including UL, MSDS, UN38.3, ISO9001, ISO14001 and etc.

Our Certificates

POWEROAD 12V 150Ah BCI Group 31 LiFePO4 Bluetooth Self-Heating Battery


How many and what configuration does the LINC INFI support?

A: The POWEROAD LINC INFI product line can be wired in the configuration as 6 packs in parallel. Take the PRLB-100 as an example, you can have the parallel battery configuration as a 12V 600Ah power system.

The LINC INFI product line does not support wiring in series.

What does LINC INFI can do?

A: The LINC INFI series, also known as PRLB, delivers a user experience where users can monitor the SOC, battery information, and battery working condition with Bluetooth, allowing users to plan and utilize the lithium energy in a smarter and more convenient way.

The battery also supports optional heating film installation, which allows the users to charge the battery freely in the freezing wintertime, the charging will not damage the battery cells due to the POWEROAD Pre-Warm Up to Charge technology.

How does the LINC INFI Self-heating feature works?

A: When condition meets the temperature of the battery cells is below 0℃, the BMS stops the battery cells from taking charge and transfers the charging current to the immersive heating film to warm up the battery cells, the cells will be warmed up to a safe range of temperature to take charges, the heating film stop heating, then charging current goes to the battery cells.

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