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Low Speed Electric Vehicle Battery Pack

POWEROAD is dedicated to providing a wide range of custom solutions of battery packs for electric vehicles designed and engineered with high level of safety, efficiency and reliability.


Low speed electric vehicles run on electric motors that require a continuous supply of energy from batteries. A variety of batteries are chosen to be used in these vehicles. We aim to produce the Lithium battery packs for EV due to the safety and reliability.

Beginning with initial concept design, counting on years of Lithium ion battery experience and relying on certified mass productions, our focus is to deliver optimum rechargeable Lithium ion battery packs to satisfy or exceed the needs of your specific applications, especially in low speed vehicles. POWEROAD is surely one of your best ODM partners that you can rely on.


Low speed electric vehicles have gained popularity, providing zero carbon emission and low maintenance cost. POWEROAD low speed electric vehicle battery pack can be widely used in passenger vehicles, heavy duty vehicles, utility vehicles and many off-road vehicles. For instance, we can provide LiFePO4 forklift battery, sanitation vehicle battery, and mining truck battery and so on.

Additionally, you need to choose the right battery for electric car conversion. Fundamentally, the key to any conversion is the battery, which plays a decisive role in terms of your car’s performance and range. POWEROAD offers the optimum battery solution for the special vehicle conversion in your life.

Our robust Lithium ion battery packs are perfect for use in electric mobility systems with benefits of high energy density for long driving range and reliability for safe driving.

Our Main Advantages

● Over 10 years of rich experience in Lithium-ion battery pack design and assembly since 2009

● Expertise in all critical markets and battery applications from daily activities to crucial power support

● Support turn-key solution from concept to mass production with short launching time and cost-effectiveness

● Specialized in a host of technologies: cell selection, independent BMS design, thermal management system and structure design

● Ownership of ISO-compliant production facilities with advanced manufacturing equipment and 2 R&D centers in Shenzhen and Xiamen with experienced engineers

● Partnerships with world tier-1 battery cell manufacturers and other main component suppliers

● Successfully provide ODM and customized battery pack solutions to many famous companies, including TOP 500 companies

Low Speed Electric Vehicle Battery Pack

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