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12V LINC INFI Low Temperature Lithium Battery

POWEROAD LINC INFI Low Temperature Lithium Battery is the 12V100Ah LiFePo4 battery for low temperature charging, which means the battery can be charged in the cold weather. The battery is used exactly same as POWEROAD other Lithium-ion batteries. For wholesale only.


The LINC INFI Low Temperature Lithium Battery is specially designed with heating function that can be charged at temperature down to -20°C. The process of heating and charging is automatically controlled by the BMS embedded in the battery. The operation of our low temperature battery is exactly the same as our other Lithium-ion batteries.

It takes about 40 minutes to heat from -20°C to +5°C. Once the battery temperature reaches +5°C, the charging starts immediately. And when the temperature rises to +10°C, the heating stops while charging continues, which means our LINC INFI Low Temperature Lithium Battery is the ideal battery for cold weather.

Besides, the LINC INFI Low Temperature Lithium Battery presents the same quality, performance and dimensions with our 12V LINC INFI LiFePO4 Rechargeable Battery. Direct replacement is possible.

Key Features

● Can be charged at temperature down to -20°C for cold weather use

● Same quality, performance and dimensions as other Lithium batteries for direct drop-in replacement

● 12V to 48V flexible battery system of boosted capacity for powering various applications

● The battery status like SOC, SOH and more can be monitored via APP

● 150A high output current for driving high-power devices

● Detachable upper cover and replaceable BMS design can reduce the cost of maintenance

● Embedded BMS can prolong battery life and guarantee battery safety

● Sleep mode for reducing energy consumption and prolonging the shelf life

● Dual terminal design for easier installation and better heat dissipation

● IP54 protection level for ensuring battery remains unaffected by water under specified conditions

● Compact size ensures easy installation even in limited space

Performance Characteristic

Performance Characteristics of 12V Low Temperature LiFePO4 battery pack Performance Characteristics of LFP Rechargeable Battery



Nominal Voltage


Nominal Capacity


Stored Energy


Internal Resistance


Cycle Life

>2000 (1C@100%DOD)


Charge Voltage


Charge Mode

CCCV (Continuous Current, Continuous Voltage)

Standard Charge Current


Max. Continuous Charge Current



Discharge Cut-off Voltage


Standard Discharge Current


Max. Continuous Discharge Current


Peak Discharge Current

350A (<5S)


Charge Temperature Range

-20°C ~ +45°C

Discharge Temperature Range

-20°C~ +55°C

IP Protection Level





Dimensions (L×W×H)




BCI Group




Q1: How long will it take to charge battery at low temperature?

A: Normally speaking, it will vary due to the environment temperature and the charging current. If the temperature is as low as -20°C, the charging time should be a little longer, which means you need to plus about 40 minutes heating time.

Q2: Does the LINC INFI Low Temperature Lithium Battery have the Bluetooth function? Can I also use the Bluetooth connection to check the battery status?

A: Yes. Our LINC INFI Low Temperature Lithium Battery also features the Bluetooth function. Just the same as our 12V LINC INFI LiFePO4 Rechargeable Battery. The APP is available and can be downloaded both in the Android and IOS system now.

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