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12V 4Ah Lithium-ion Phosphate Motorcycle Starter Battery

The best lithium-ion battery replacement of the lead-acid starters.

●Massive Power – 25℃ Superior Cranking Performance up to 70C-100C
●Super Long Life – 2000 + cycle charges
●Solid Resistant Design – Silicone sealant, delivering sealing performance
●Superior Heat Resistance – 230℃ Heat resistance enclosure


The PFLP-14B lineup is a maintenance-free lithium-ion starting battery for power sports, delivering incredible cranking power 280A @ 5s/ 400A @ 1s, which meets various needs of engine starting. No toxic material, body-friendly, excellent performance, outstanding durability, all these distinguishing features make it the best lithium replacement for your heavy-duty lead-acid batteries.

The cells of the PFLP-14B lineup are IEC62133 certificated, which ensures the rigorous quality and high-standard safety of the overall production. There are PFLP-14BL and PFLP-14BR, two variations of this lithium-ion starter battery lineup, find out more replacement info down below.

The battery cell of PLFP-14 line is IEC62133 certificated, giving the verified security guarantee.

12V 4Ah Lithium-ion Phosphate Motorcycle Starter Battery

12V 4Ah Lithium-ion Phosphate Motorcycle Starter Battery

12V 4Ah Lithium-ion Phosphate Motorcycle Starter Battery

Model: PLFP – 14BR / BL



Dimensions (L x W x H)(MM)

● 134x65x92


14BR: + – / 14BL: – +

Weight (Kg)

●0.95 kg/ 1.212.09lbs

Nominal Voltage

● 12.8 V

Terminal Type

● M6

Ampere Hour (Ah)

● 4 Ah

Case Material

● 230℃ Heat Resistance


● 51.2 Wh

Enclosure Protection

● IP54

Self Discharge

● 3 % monthly

Cell Type – Chemistry

● Pouch – LiFePO4

Discharge Temperature (℃)

● -20°C~ +55°C

Charge Temperature (℃)

● 0°C ~ +45°C


Charge Retention

● >97% per Month

Cranking Current

● 280A(70C)<15S

Cold Cranking Ampere

● 120A(30C)<15S


Peak Discharge Current

● 280 A @ 5s



● 400 A @ 1s


Charge Current

● Standard: 3 A

●UN 38.3

● Maximum: 6 A

●IEC62133 (Cell)

Cycle Life

● 2000

Shipping Classification

●UN 3480


YTZ10S/ YT12B-BS/ YT14B-BS/ YTX14AH-BS/ YB10A-A2/ YB12A-A/ YB12A-B/ YB12B-B2/ YB12C-A/ YB14-A2/ YB14-B2/ YB14A-A1/ YB14A-A2/ 12N12A-4A-1


YB10L-A2/ YB10L-B/ YB10-B2/ YTX14AHL-BS/ YB10L-BP/ YB12AL-A/ YB12AL-A2/ YB14L-A1/ YB14L-A2/ YB14L-B2//YB16AL-A2/ SYB14L-A2/ SYB14L-B2/ 12N10-3A-2/ 12N11-3A-1/ 12N14-3A

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