Outdoor Portable Power Distributors Wanted

POWEROAD is actively seeking distributors or sales agents with business experience in Portable Power Station, Outdoor Tooling, Emergency Power Supply, Preparedness Kits, Battery Chargers fields, etc.

About poweroad prime portable power

POWEROAD Prime Portable Power series offers highly versatile and potable power supply solutions, powering equipment or devices in the home or outdoor, convenient and easy to use. It can also be a critical power source and in the event of an emergency. Ideal for camping, tailgating and other activities where power is not available or convenient.

Benefits to become a distributor or sales agent

●Attractive Products – Authorized to sell Prime series of Portable Power

●Exclusivity – Exclusive distributor can be further discussed for defined territories

●Favorable Pricing – Special discount to maximize your competitiveness

●Private Branding – Use of your own branding if desired, i.e., OEM is welcome (POWREOAD brand preferred)

●More Sales Leads – Sales leads and customers referrals generated by POWEROAD for the agreed territories are passed to distributors

●Technical Support – Dedicated support and relevant training from POWEROAD team


Please register your interest now!

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