Good News: POWEROAD Unlimited Parallel LiFePO4 LINC Battery Is Now Launched!

POWEROAD LINC Battery is a 12V100Ah LiFePO4 Battery, which can be configured up to 4 in series and unlimited parallel, will hit the market soon! With the features of lightweight and compact size, it can directly replace traditional lead-acid batteries in various applications, including RVs, marines, solar systems, low speed electric vehicles and more. In this video, you can see test cases for powering the refrigerator, projector and fan.

What’s more, equipped with built-in Bluetooth, battery status of SOC, voltage, and etc., can be easily monitored through Poweroad App in your mobile phone. Now the APP is available for both iOS system and Android system.


● Equipped with POWEROAD Bluetooth App

● 150A continuous discharge current

● Embedded innovative BMS

● RS 485/CAN communication

● Bluetooth + APP

● Sleep mode

● SOC gauge

● IP54

● Smaller size

● Dual terminal

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