Good News: POWEROAD Intelligent Battery Charger Is Officially Launched!

The POWEROAD PRIC-A200012 is a charger based on microprocessor for all types of rechargeable 12V Lead-acid batteries, covering all types of AGM “MF” valve regulated (VRLA), GEL-electrolyte types and 12V lithium-ion phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries.

● Polarity Reverse Protection

● Short Circuit Protection

● Over Temperature Protection

● Over Current Protection

● Over Voltage Protection

Key benefits

●Compatible with 12V lead-acid battery and Lithium-ion phosphate (LiFePO4) battery charging thanks to switched mode power supply.

●Suitable for lead acid batteries from 5Ah to 32Ah and lithium-ion batteries from 3.2Ah to 20Ah.

●Intelligent detection and protection to guarantee safety and long lifespan of batteries with various protection manners, including Polarity Reverse Protection, Short Circuit Protection, Over Temperature Protection, Over Current Protection and Over Voltage Protection.

●Safe for long-term connection with batteries thanks to automatic cut-off setting.

●Safe spark free operation.

●Able to check and indicate weak or damaged battery.

●Easy to learn status from clear LED display.

Technical specification

Input voltage

100~240 AC, 50/60Hz

Input current

Max. 0.5A

Output voltage


Output current

Max. 2.0A

Lead-acid battery range


Lithium-ion battery range


LED indicator

Power On/Green

Power supply indicator


Blink: In pre-charge state (in lithium mode)

Light: Battery being charged indicator


Light: Battery being charged indicator

Blink: Bad battery


1 year

IP Grade



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