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"POWEROAD Wallite L2" 100Ah gyvenamųjų namų LiFePO4 akumuliatorių energijos kaupimo sistema

POWEROAD H-W51100 51.2V 100Ah wall-mounted gyvenamasis LiFePO4 akumuliatorius energijos kaupimo sistema su įmontuota savo sukurta BMS.

● Scalable from 5.12kWh to 76.8kWh power configurations.
● Modular design allows convenient installation, more operation.
● Safest LiFePO4 technology, sustained power supply.
● Long lifespan, up to 8000 cycles.
● Armed with POWEROAD designed BMS, three layer over current protection, safety first.
● Floor space sparing, allowing more space management.
● RS485, CAN communication support. Wi-Fi / BLE optional.
● Compatible with mainstream brand inverters: Growatt, Deye, Sunsync, Victron, Studer, Aiswei, Voltronic, MEGAREVO, Afore, SRNE…
● Remote access with Bluetooth / WiFi for monitoring, to reduce operation and maintenance costs.

The POWEROAD Wall Mounted Battery H-W51100 is a BESS that covers a variety of application scenarios, including backup power supply, peak shaving and more, users can extend the system capacity by adding more battery modules to achieve a longer range of performance. Given the credit to the POWEROAD BMS, the systems will automatically trigger three layer over-current protection ensure powerful output and safety.

Pagrindinės funkcijos

Qualified Cell Selection:

We offer the best selections, giving you a wide range of choices of battery cells including CATL, CALB, EVE, and etc. All battery cells are UL1642/IEC62133/IEC62619 Qualified. You make the decision, and we handle the rest.

High Efficiency Components:

POWEROAD ONLY applies the top-tier conductors to the battery products, giving one of the best guarantees to reduce the resistance and boosts the performance.

Trusty Production:

POWEROAD has passed the major global manufacture certifications, we promise our customers a professional and rigorous production standard operation procedure, ensuring the build process is scientific and the build quality is solid.

Rigorous Inspection:

POWEROAD has over 20 steps of inspections that covering before, during, and after the production, we deliver one of the most rigorous inspection SOP in the industry, assuring the product quality, improving the customer experience.

Technical Spec

Battery Type


Nominal Voltage (V)


Battery Capacity (Ah)


Nominal Energy (Wh)


Gyvenimo ciklas


Charge Voltage (V)


Discharge Voltage (V)


Recommend Charge/Discharge Current (A)


Max. Charge/Discharge Current (A)


Peak Charge/Discharge Current (A)


Configuration (Max. in 1 Battery Group, pcs)


Mechanical Spec

Dimension (mm)


Svoris (kg)



RS485, CAN

Protection Class


Cooling Type

Natural cooling

Working Temperature (℃)

Charge: 0~50

Discharge: -10~50


5% ~ 85%(RH) Without condensation


CE, UN38.3

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