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"POWEROAD Meta L2" daugiabučių namų LiFePO4 akumuliatorių energijos kaupimo sistema Atsarginė elektros energija ne tinkle

POWEROAD H-S48100 48V 105Ah stacking residential LiFePO4 battery energy storage system with built-in own-developed BMS.

● Safety First: Powered by LiFePO4 battery, controlled and monitored by the POWEROAD BMS.
● Flexible Configuration: Modular design enables scalable configurations, extend capacity as your needs.
● Connectivity: Available for RS485, CANBUS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, easy communication.
● Plug & Play: No extra wiring is required, place on stack, good to go.
● External Protection: P55-level covers indoor & outdoor use scenarios.


To enhance the power efficiency of the residential electricity consumption, we are thrilled to introduce the POWEROAD  META L2 series battery. The POWEROAD META L2 series battery is a 48V battery system that allows the users to drive home use 48V inverters, delivering a significant power efficiency boost and bill optimization.

POWEROAD Meta L2 Residential Battery Energy Storage System with a IP55 protection, is designed in stackable configuration for space-saving purpose, can be extendable from single with 5.04 kWh capacity, to be easily configured in parallel with maximum 6pcs to achieve 30.24 kWh per tower. And then maximum 7 towers can be connected in parallel to achieve a 211.68 kWh system. The battery system works with the inverter to output AC power for home appliances to meet the daily demand for electricity, which covers almost any regular residential power consumption. With the intelligent modular design, the extension does not require any wiring, allowing the users for more floor space optimization.

Pagrindinės funkcijos

Qualified Cell Selection:

We offer the best selections, giving you a wide range of choices of battery cells including CATL, CALB, EVE, and etc. All battery cells are UL1642/IEC62133/IEC62619 Qualified. You make the decision, and we handle the rest.

High Efficiency Components:

POWEROAD ONLY applies the top-tier conductors to the battery products, giving one of the best guarantees to reduce the resistance and boosts the performance.

Trusty Production:

POWEROAD has passed the major global manufacture certifications, we promise our customers a professional and rigorous production standard operation procedure, ensuring the build process is scientific and the build quality is solid.

Rigorous Inspection:

POWEROAD has over 20 steps of inspections that covering before, during, and after the production, we deliver one of the most rigorous inspection SOP in the industry, assuring the product quality, improving the customer experience.

"POWEROAD Era-LS" 48V keičiamo dydžio kraunama gyvenamųjų namų LiFePO4 akumuliatorių energijos kaupimo sistema Atsarginė elektros energija ne tinkle

POWEROAD Meta L2 Residential Battery Energy Storage System with a IP55 protection, is designed in stackable configuration for space-saving purpose, is suitable and easy to be installed on the balcony in the apartment.

Learn about 4 privalumai, kai daugiabučio balkone įrengiama gyvenamosios paskirties baterijų energijos kaupimo sistema


Module Quantity (pcs)





Battery System Capacity (Ah)





Battery System Energy (kWh)





Battery System Voltage (Vdc)


Battery Module Capacity (Ah)


System Charge Upper-Voltage (Vdc)


System Discharge Lower-Voltage(Vdc)


Gyvenimo ciklas

8000 cycles


RS485, CAN, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi

Battery System Charge Current (A)
















Battery System Discharge Current (A)
















Physical Spec.

Dimensions (W*D*H mm)





Battery System Weight (kg)





Cooling Type

Natural cooling

Protection Class


Operation Temperature ( ℃ )

Charge: 0 ~ 45

Discharge: -10 ~ 50


5% ~ 95%, without condension

Altitude (m)



CE, UN38.3

More Battery Cell Info

"POWEROAD Era-LS" 48V keičiamo dydžio kraunama gyvenamųjų namų LiFePO4 akumuliatorių energijos kaupimo sistema Atsarginė elektros energija ne tinkle

Our Advantages

1. Diving deep into the battery industry for 20 years, with 15+ years of lithium-based manufacture experience.

2. Solid technology background with owned BMS development, we provide our customers with trusty production.

3. We complied with the rigorous standards including UL, MSDS, UN38.3, ISO9001, ISO14001 and etc.

Our Certificates

"POWEROAD Era-LS" 48V keičiamo dydžio kraunama gyvenamųjų namų LiFePO4 akumuliatorių energijos kaupimo sistema Atsarginė elektros energija ne tinkle

Shipping details:

 1. The lithium-ion battery based products are suitable for ocean shipment. The products are well packed and shipped per dangerous goods, following the UN transportation regulations, with necessary documentation, packaging, and labels.

2. All the goods are UN38.3 certified, and packed in UN cartons, well organized on 110*80*110cm / 110*80*150cm / 110*80*160cm / 110*80*200cm pallet, and shipped in 20 feet or 40 feet containers or HQ containers. The packages are various subject to the different order quantities.


– What is an META L2 Home Battery?

A: META L2 Home Battery is a lithium battery based stack battery consists of LiFePO4 battery modules that can be configured up to 8 in parallels with maximum 8kWh power capacity, supplying power for most home appliances and ensuring sustained power, particularly during power outages.

– Where can the META L2 Home Battery be deployed?

A: META L2 Home Battery can be a critical supplement to a Residential Solar Battery Backup System, which can be charged by solar power. META L2 Home Battery can be recharged by electricity grid as well.

– Why should I choose Lithium Home Battery?

A: As a lithium ion battery-based product, META L2 Home Battery have benefits as followings:
1. Space saving. Thanks to high energy density, META L2 Home Battery stores more energy than other types of batteries for the same size of battery, allowing saving space to be placed at home.
2. The lithium-ion batteries can be placed indoors that does not emit noises or toxic fumes.

– How to get the battery running with the inverter?

A: META L2 Home Battery can be paired with mainstreaming inverters on the market, such as Goodwe, Growatt, Deye, Victron, Studer, Aiswei, Voltronic, SRNE…

– What appliances the META L2 Home Battery can power up?

A: The battery provides the capacity for the power to last. The output power of the appliances, however, is determined by the inverter.
Generally speaking, META L2 Home Battery can supply power for most of the small home appliances, including electric lights, televisions, radios, computers, laptop computers, and kitchen appliances. Make sure the power of other electrical devices, such as microwaves and power tools, is less than the maximum output of the inverter you choose.

– Is the META L2 Home Battery OEM-able?

A: Yes, OEM is available if the order quantity reaches 200pcs of battery modules.

– What’s the smallest and biggest power capacity that an META L2 Home Battery can have?

A: Within a single rack, two battery modules with a total power capacity of 10.1 kWh and up to 25.2 kWh by 5 modules configured.
Furthermore, the rack can be expanded by configuring a single rack in 7 parallel configurations, reaching a total battery capacity of 210 kWh.

– Why should resident deploy Home Battery at home?

A: With the increasing power demand on the public grid, most of the existing public grid system are most likely not be able to support, the risk of the public grid crushes are increasing day by day, not only causing household base energy concerns, but also driving higher electricity bill due to the continues maintenance cost of the public grid system.

The POWEROAD residential battery energy storage system is determine to optimize the modern residential energy consumption model, exploring more availabilities for every household to reduce the reliance on the public grid, assuring the power supply when electricity shortage comes.

– What benefits does the POWEROAD Resident Home Battery provide?

A: Taking advantage of the many advantages of the LiFePO4 battery technologies, users can store massive amounts of energy into the POWEROAD Residential Home Battery through public grid or photovoltaic charging and discharge during the low-pickload period of time.

This not only allows the household to have better grid independence but also translates the energy storage into lower electricity bills.


In an era where energy independence and sustainability are becoming increasingly essential, off grid storage batteries have emerged as a game-changing technology. These innovative systems empower individuals and communities to break free from traditional utility grids, harness renewable energy sources, and ensure a continuous power supply even in remote or off-grid locations. This comprehensive product description explores the world of off grid storage batteries, delving into their features, benefits, applications, and the technological advancements that are driving a revolution in how we generate, store, and consume energy.

Chapter 1: The Off-Grid Energy Revolution

1.1 The Off-Grid Paradigm

Off-grid living is a lifestyle that embraces self-sufficiency and sustainability, and it relies on advanced off grid storage batteries to make this vision a reality. These cutting-edge batteries are at the heart of the off-grid energy revolution, providing the means to generate, store, and utilize renewable energy effectively.

1.2 Energy Independence

Off grid storage batteries offer homeowners and communities the chance to liberate themselves from dependence on traditional utility providers. This newfound energy independence ensures a continuous power supply, even in the face of power outages or the absence of grid connectivity.

Chapter 2: Understanding Off Grid Storage Batteries

2.1 What Are Off Grid Storage Batteries?

Off grid storage batteries, often referred to as “off-grid battery systems,” are advanced energy storage solutions designed for locations without access to a reliable electrical grid. These batteries store excess energy generated from renewable sources, such as solar panels or wind turbines, and release it when needed, ensuring a constant energy supply.

2.2 How Do Off Grid Storage Batteries Work?

Understanding the principles behind off grid storage batteries is essential for unlocking their potential. These batteries store electrical energy when surplus energy is generated, usually during the daytime when renewable energy sources are most active. When energy demand exceeds supply, the stored energy is released, powering homes, businesses, and essential appliances.

Chapter 3: Key Features and Advantages

3.1 Energy Independence

The most significant advantage of off grid storage batteries is the power they provide to individuals and communities seeking energy independence. By storing excess energy, these batteries ensure a continuous supply, even when the grid is down or inaccessible.

3.2 Sustainability

Off grid storage batteries are essential components of sustainable living. They enable homeowners and businesses to harness renewable energy sources efficiently, reducing reliance on fossil fuels and contributing to a more eco-friendly future.

3.3 Cost Savings

By storing excess energy and utilizing it when needed, off grid storage batteries help homeowners reduce their energy costs. This is particularly valuable for locations with high utility expenses or variable energy rates.

3.4 Backup Power

These batteries serve as reliable backup power sources, ensuring essential appliances and systems remain functional during power outages. This feature is crucial for off-grid living or locations prone to frequent blackouts.

3.5 Environmentally Friendly

Off grid storage batteries promote a green and environmentally friendly lifestyle. By harnessing renewable energy sources and minimizing the need for fossil fuels, they reduce carbon emissions and support a sustainable energy ecosystem.

3.6 Scalability

Off-grid storage battery systems are highly scalable, making them suitable for various applications, from single-family homes to entire off-grid communities. This adaptability ensures they can meet the energy needs of diverse users.

Chapter 4: Residential Applications

4.1 Off-Grid Homes

Off grid storage batteries are a cornerstone of off-grid living. They enable homeowners to power their residences independently, free from grid connections and utility bills.

4.2 Remote Cabins and Vacation Homes

Off grid storage batteries are perfect for remote cabins and vacation homes, providing reliable energy sources in areas without access to traditional utilities.

4.3 Eco-Friendly Off-Grid Communities

Entire off-grid communities can benefit from the use of off grid storage batteries, fostering a sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle for their residents.

4.4 Emergency Preparedness

Off grid storage batteries are invaluable for emergency preparedness, ensuring a stable power supply during natural disasters or other crises.

4.5 Sustainable Agriculture

In the agriculture sector, off grid storage batteries are used to power irrigation systems, farm equipment, and remote agricultural operations.

4.6 Rural Electrification

Off grid storage batteries are essential for rural electrification projects, providing electricity to remote villages and regions that lack access to a reliable grid.

Chapter 5: Technological Innovations

5.1 Battery Chemistry

Advanced battery chemistries, such as lithium-ion, lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4), and flow batteries, have greatly improved the efficiency, energy density, and lifespan of off grid storage batteries.

5.2 Smart Battery Management

Innovative battery management systems (BMS) optimize energy storage, monitor battery health, and ensure the efficient operation of off grid storage batteries.

5.3 Grid Integration

Off grid storage batteries can integrate with smart grids and microgrids, allowing users to interact with and contribute to the larger energy ecosystem.

5.4 Modular Design

Modular off grid storage batteries offer flexibility and scalability, allowing users to expand their energy storage capacity as needed.

5.5 Remote Monitoring

Remote monitoring and control of off grid storage batteries through mobile apps or online platforms enable users to manage their energy system from anywhere.

Chapter 6: Installation and Maintenance

6.1 Professional Installation

Proper installation is crucial to the performance and safety of off grid storage batteries. Homeowners and businesses should work with certified professionals to ensure correct installation.

6.2 Maintenance Requirements

Regular maintenance, including cleaning, system checks, and occasional battery replacement, is essential for the longevity and efficiency of off grid storage batteries.

Chapter 7: Environmental Impact

7.1 Reduced Carbon Footprint

Off grid storage batteries support a reduced carbon footprint by enabling the use of clean, renewable energy sources, decreasing reliance on fossil fuels.

7.2 Sustainable Living

Off-grid living, empowered by off grid storage batteries, promotes sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyles, minimizing the impact on the environment.

Chapter 8: Case Studies

8.1 Remote Off-Grid Residence

Explore a real-life case study of a remote off-grid residence that utilizes off grid storage batteries to achieve energy independence and live sustainably.

8.2 Off-Grid Community

Discover how an off-grid community utilizes a shared off-grid storage battery system to power homes, businesses, and infrastructure independently.

Chapter 9: Future Trends and Prospects

9.1 Advanced Battery Technologies

The future holds promise for advanced battery technologies, such as solid-state batteries, which may offer higher energy density, longer lifespans, and enhanced performance.

9.2 Microgrid Development

The development of microgrids and community energy-sharing models will likely play a pivotal role in the future of off-grid living and energy storage.

9.3 Energy Storage as a Service

Energy storage as a service (ESaaS) is a growing trend, where users can lease or rent off grid storage batteries, making them more accessible and affordable.

Chapter 10: Conclusion

In conclusion, off grid storage batteries are transforming the way we think about energy. They empower individuals, communities, and businesses to take control of their power supply, reduce their carbon footprint, and embrace a sustainable, independent lifestyle. As technology continues to advance and the demand for energy independence grows, off grid storage batteries are set to become a cornerstone of a more sustainable and resilient energy future. Whether it’s a remote cabin, an off-grid community, or an emergency preparedness strategy, these batteries offer the promise of energy independence, reliability, and environmental responsibility.

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