Why You Need To Switch Your Lead-Acid RV Batteries To Lithium Batteries


The lithium-ion battery deep cycle batteries are taking up the seats of the lead-acid batteries rapidly in the RV and recreational marine sectors, not to mention the mini-scale off-grid power systems, the lead-acid battery technology has been developed for over a century, although the benefits of using the lead-acid batteries are obvious, the low cost of using might be the biggest advantage among all. However, the environmental and health impacts of manufacturing and using lead-acid batteries are also non-negligible.

Choosing a well-built and reliable power source is vital for suburban RVing since you don’t want to have any shortage out of a desert or in a mountain.

Why You Should Replace Your Lead-Acid RV Batteries with Lithium Batteries?

You may think lithium batteries are way more expensive than lead-acid batteries, and that is true, and the price tag is usually the first concern. Nevertheless, the life cycle of the product is also a decisive factor, and this is why you should switch to POWEROAD lithium-ion phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries rather than the other brands on the market. Here is why. POWEROAD LiFePO4 batteries deliver essentially everything you care about: sustained power delivery, power delivery, high energy density, anti-vibration, feather-light weight, and most importantly, the longevity of using reliability. Aside from the mouth-to-mouth saying, the benefits of using the POWEROAD LiFePO4 batteries can not only give you more confidence to travel longer, but you can also do it with less burden, translating the costs into efficiency.

What Are the Benefits of Using POWEROAD LiFePO4 Batteries?

We made it simple and listed them for you.

1. Same enclosure, but last longer.

Thanks to the incredible energy density of the lithium-ion technology, POWEROAD LiFePO4 batteries can delivery significant more useable capacity in the same enclosure, for example, the BCI Group 31 lead-acid batteries can usually take up 50-60% depth of charge, and the POWEROAD G31 lithium batteries, however, is capable to deliver 100% depth of charge, which means more energy can be delivered to the RV inverter and being used.

2. Hands-Free, Maintenance-Free.

On one hand, despite there being sealed lead-acid and AGM batteries in the market that do not require adding water or acid to the batteries, technically require maintenance, don’t leave the poles alone, no matter what, the lead-acid batteries will cause compound accumulation to the battery poles, if you leave them there and keep accumulating, the power performance will decrease significantly.

Other the other hand, the POWEROAD lithium batteries do not require any maintenance in everyday uses. No compound created, no water adding required, all you need to do is just plug them in and go.

3. Take Out The Lead-Acid, Drop-in Lithium.

POWEROAD provides standard BCI Group form factor batteries, meeting all the space management of the battery house, replacing the BCI lead-acid batteries is easier than ever.

4. Tremendous Long Life.

The POWEROAD batteries can provide the users with up to more than 10 times longer service life than any lead-acid batteries on the market, due to the lithium-ion characteristic, POWEROAD LiFePO4 can guarantee at least 10 years of service life in a proper use condition.

5. Sustained Power Delivery.

With POWEROAD LiFePO4 batteries, your 12V, 24V even 48V DC inverters will no longer need to suffer from voltage sag, which is a big deal to the hardware since consistent and stable power delivery is vital to the electronics.

6. Partial Charge Tolerant.

Partial charging is fatal to the lead-acid batteries, instead, it is the ideal charging mode for the POWEROAD LiFePO4 batteries, this charging method not only helps the lithium batteries to have a small number of cycle charges but also allows more flexibility to the user scenarios.

For over 20 years of deep dive into the lithium industry, we believe the POWEROAD batteries are the best choice for RV and recreational boating, apart from the excellent performance our batteries can provide, our R&D team designs the products with one of the highest quality levels of components, which makes our battery products not only perform ideally in the applications but also your business.

Not only we are firm and capable to deliver the greatest products, but also it is our pride to say our manufacturing facility is ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certificated, we are confident in fulfilling our customers’ plans with full capacity.

What Size of the Batteries Do You Need For Your Applications?

We offer 12V, 24V, and 48V lithium batteries in a variety of standard BCI sizes. Take the RV application as an example, the POWEROAD LiFePO4 batteries are capable to support every type of power demand in all sizes of RV. Users can design and measure their energy needs to scale their POWEROAD battery plans.

How Do I Charge My POWEROAD Lithium Batteries? When charging LiFePO4 batteries, you want to make sure your charging device is set to a safe power range, you need to have a clear idea of the maximum charging current and charging voltage of the batteries, usually, you can find this information in the instruction manuals.

The energy source for charging the RV batteries usually comes from the Photovoltaic energy, onshore power, and vehicle alternator. Either of these methods requires a charging controller to guard the charging since overcharging could cause thermal runway to the batteries, which is extremely dangerous no matter to the passengers and the facilities.

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