What is UL94:V-0 Certification, and why is it advantageous for the lithium-ion batteries enclosure?

When selecting lithium-ion batteries for your RV or recreational marine application, there are various factors that you may need to care about, essentially, safety is the biggest target among all aspects. The enclosure, however, as the very front line of physical resistance protection, is commonly less considered compared to the other aspects.

In the recreational lithium-ion battery market, the battery modules are commonly packed into a plastic casing, mostly made of ABS plastic. The generic ABS plastic material only has a UL94-HB level of fire retardance, which is most likely incapable to resist fire from burning massively.

What is UL94-V:0 Certification, and why does it mean?

The Underwriters Laboratory (UL), is a third-party safety science testing organization that develops extensive standards and testing procedures targeted at verifying the environmental and physical safety of products. The aim of the UL94-V:0 certification is to insure fire protection and the electrical safety of the components.

In order to meet UL94-V:0 certification, the tested material has to burn stops within 10 seconds on a vertical part allowing for drops of plastic that are not inflamed.

The UL94-V:0 certification ensures that the lithium-ion battery enclosure can tolerate exposure to a flame without igniting. This certification is important for the safety of lithium batteries, as it helps ensure that consumers are buying lithium batteries that were tested to meet the most stringent safety standards. This certification also demonstrates to consumers that the battery manufacturer has taken the most stringent safety measures possible, which ultimately increases the safety of the batteries for consumers.

Why is UL94-V:0 fire retardant enclosure advantageous for Lithium-ion RV house batteries?

As the very front line of the physical protection of the lithium-ion batteries, the enclosure plays the role that protects the battery from crushes, vibration, flaming, water leaking, and any other external damages, selecting a battery that has stringent external protection is important for keeping the electrical environment safe and help to extend the battery longevity, increase the value of ownership.

Batteries that with UL94-V:0 certificated enclosure are the perfect match for the harsh electrical environment, like our POWEROAD PRLC and PRLB batteries, these two batteries both are armed with our special designed UL94-V:0 certificated enclosure, preventing your electrical environment from catching on fire by providing excellent fire retardance performance, this is crucial for large scale off-grid RV or Marine application because of the high possibility of fire chain reaction.

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