What is the value of a lithium battery?

The battery can provide certain recycled power supplies when people need them in specific applications, making mobile and backup life easier. As renewable energy sources, such as solar systems, are becoming more popular, the focus is moving into more effective utilization of these energy sources and harvesting more energy for intermittency reduction in this renewable source, which brings the market increasing interest in batteries, which become a staple in energy storage systems, to store the energy generated by the intermittent renewable energy source from nature.


Lithium ion batteries make a distinguish themselves from other types of batteries due to their high energy density, depth of discharge, low self-discharge, long cycle life, safety and the installation flexibility.

For marine / RV applications, POWEROAD PRHD series of 12V lithium ion batteries deliver excellent performances for dual purpose, including 2C or even higher cranking power (instantaneous discharging current that Li-ion batteries can achieve) to power the vehicle, and the deep-cycle function for power supply when engine shutdowns.

PRHD series of batteries can suit the wide ambient temperature, thanks to its precise temperature control. The batteries extend the charging temperature from 0°C to -20°C to ensure that it can be used in a cold warehouse and location. A specially designed heat film completely covers the cell and ensures optimal heat performance. Several temperature sensors are built in to get the correct temperature, and battery performance data is sent directly to the BMS. And the BMS prevents charging if the temperature is below 0°C to protect the battery and automatically begins to heat the battery using the charger’s power; when the temperature reaches 5°C, charging begins; when the temperature reaches 10°C, the heat stops to save electricity. 

Moreover, PoweroadConnect Bluetooth App allows users to check the battery status and performance through the App, that brings users an excellent lithium battery monitoring experience.

Overall, with the diligent controlled by BMS, POWEROAD PRHD batteries perform well in starting function and electricity supply in deep-cycle mode. Besides, the exceptional mechanical designs, which include Metal stands, EV silicon filler, and water-tight sealing , ensure that the batteries have excellent vibration resistance, thermal exchange, and all-weather performance, making it the best option for harsh, space-tight applications.

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