What is the portable power station?

Portable power station is a multi-functional portable energy storage power source with built-in Lithium-ion battery, which can store electric energy and has AC output. The product is light in weight, high in capacity, high in power, easy to carry, and can be used indoors or outdoors. It can choose conventional charging or solar charging according to different usage conditions. It can provide ultra-high power 100-240V AC output, and is equipped with 5V/9V/12V and other DC outputs. It can not only start the car in an emergency, but also be suitable for emergency use of various types of loads, such as electronic products and on-board electrical appliances, providing reliable power supply guarantee.


Development History

In this health-conscious era, outdoor sports have been integrated into our lives. This is an unstoppable demand for people after the improvement of their material living standards, and it is also the healthiest way of life. For those who work outdoors, love self-driving travel, and love outdoor sports, the lack of outdoor electricity is an urgent problem to be solved.

Because of the enrichment of outdoor forms, it is not only the electricity consumption of conventional equipment such as electronic digital products, but also the in-vehicle products and low-power home appliances for self-driving tours that are gradually being applied outdoors. These devices have uneven interfaces and short battery life. Of course, there is also emergency power consumption in natural disasters. In the past, a single small-capacity power supply could not provide power protection for them. This requires a higher-power multi-function power supply to solve it.

Therefore, “Portable power station” has been developed with the popularity of outdoor sports and the rapid growth of outdoor equipment. Its main purpose is to provide charging functions for digital and vehicle products and low-power home appliances anytime and anywhere.

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