POWEROAD PRLB Low-Temperature lithium-ion phosphate batteries: This is why they are the best battery for RV users.

The batteries are like human bodies, the functionality will be maximized at a proper temperature, when it comes to freezing wintertime, batteries' functionality could have a significant decrease. Despite the temperature being a major hit on the battery performance, the lithium-ion phosphate batteries share a different point of view, the LiFePO4 as brifiation of the Lithium-ion phosphate, has a characteristic of working body temperature range from -20℃ to 60℃, this is a huge up point for RV house battery users considering the lagging low-temperature performance of the lead-acid batteries.

You may want to dive deeper into what LiFePO4 battery has to offer, In this article, you will get to understand what is PRLB, how PRLB performs as what we call low-temperature batteries, and why we call it the most ideal battery for RVing.


Benefits of setting up PRLB in your RV.

LiFePO4 batteries are safer and even more practical for low-temperature.

PRLB batteries are powered by Lithium-ion Phosphate battery technology, which allows the battery to discharge between -20℃ to 60℃ under very safe and typical discharge conditions, which means the performance would not be affected too much by the low temperature, even during the trip in freezing winter time. In comparison, low temperature could kill the performance of the lead-acid battery, and the activity of electrochemistry drops very severely.

Plug & Charge Feature

If you know about lithium batteries, you would know that charging the lithium batteries at frozen temperature will cause permanent damage,  some users would discharge to heat up the batteries, however, this method might not be working when the remaining capacity of the batteries is at a low state.

POWEROAD perceived this problem and constructed a brilliant solution, the PRLB has a built-in immersive heating pad for the battery cells, when the condition meets frozen temperature and users connect the charging port to the batteries, the BMS will activate the immersive heating pad to warm up the battery cells until the cell temperature reaches 0℃ to 5℃, which is a safe temperature range for charging the lithium batteries, it will be totally unnecessary to warm up the batteries externally.


Bluetooth connectivity is another brilliant add-on of the PRLB batteries, it saves up space and time wiring monitors when setting up the power system, more than that, monitoring the battery states only require the users to open the app, and all the key information will be displayed on the mobile screen.

Having a reliable and best battery for RV applications like POWEROAD LiFePO4 Batteries can give you the best RV experience. Now that you know its benefits and features, perhaps you will consider the LiFePO4 battery from Grepow because it’s not only reliable but it’s also very helpful to maintain your RV longevity.

Hopefully, you could understand the features and how low-temperature batteries work for your RV. Don’t hesitate to get low-temperature batteries; always use your units and equipment with confidence because you know that batteries could withstand low-temperature applications.

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