Investing in residential BESS( Battery Energy Storage System) is a long-term strategic act.

We have been investing in evolving our public grid and it created a long-term benefit and certain reliability for decades.

Energy Storage System is a critical spot for the entire public grid, adding energy resources from hydro, solar and wind, to unclear and fossil fuels, demanding side resources and system efficiency assets. The system can act as a transmission or distribution asset in the public grid system.

Overall, Energy Storage is an enabling technology that can save customers’ money and improve reliability and resilience, which integrates generation sources and help reduce environmental footprints.

There are several benefits of installing residential BESS.


Bill optimization

BESS can store electricity by charging the battery during the low peak or by the photovoltaic, the energy is kept in the house, users can discharge the battery during the peak load when the electricity price is high. This allows the users to utilize energy in a more flexible way.


Energy Independence, resilience

The combination of PV and BESS can maximize your residential energy independency, when the public electricity shortage comes, BESS can deliver energy to your resident as a power source, with the PV setup, you can generate power from the sun and store the energy in the energy pool: the BESS.

By utilizing the BESS during the electricity shortages, residents can avoid disruptions and keep the key appliances stay charged, such as medical appliances and refrigerators.

Integrate Diverse Resources

Energy storage can smooth out the delivery of variable or intermittent resources such as wind and solar, by storing excess energy when the wind is blowing and the sun is shining, and delivering it when the opposite is happening.

The BESS can smooth the delivery of the intermittent resources, take solar as an example, the solar generation efficiency changes by time among the day, the BESS allows output smooth by storing the energy from the PV generation, and delivering the power to the public grid.


Reduce ECO-impact

The BESS is the primary option of the power source during the outage, in the past years, a fossil fuel generator (FFG) was the first option due to the technology limitations, the BESS can replace the FFG as the first power backup option thanks to the stable power and low-cost generation.

On one hand, less using fossil fuel generators creates less greenhouse gas, the transition can help reduce carbon footprints and optimize energy consumption.

On the other hand, the BESS can help integrate more solar, wind and distributed energy resources, allowing improvement of residential grid efficiency and capacity.


POWEROAD introduced the latest Era BESS product line, delivering energy systems from 2.4kWh to 168kWh, scalable-modular design allows more flexibilities during interior planning and system scaling.

The Era product line is powered by the safest LiFePO4 technology, which is also known as the LFP battery, with an 800℃ ignition temperature, 100Amps continuous discharge current and scalable design, the Era lineup is one of your very best options among the BESS.


Click here to find out more about the POWEROAD Residential BESS.



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