How to get reliable power supply when power outages occur in earthquakes?

Many earthquakes have been reported recently. When earthquakes rock, the power grid would be vulnerable, the main power transmission lines can be severely damaged and electrics restoration could be delayed due to blocked roads.

Power outages due to earthquakes can be especially devastating. Earthquakes may damage power stations or disrupt the flow of electricity, leading to prolonged power outages, which can cause major risk to property damage and safety. In some cases water supplies are also affected by prolonged power outages as they depend on electricity to operate pumps and filters.

As we all know, sustained power supply is a critical resource for households, hospitals and businesses, also for rescue. Lithium batteries are widely recognized as the most efficient home battery storage solution, offering a reliable and cost-effective way to store electricity for emergency use. The lithium-ion batteries serve as the backup power that can be relied on to deliver electricity to utilities and homes in the event of an earthquake. It can be an ideal reliable source of power for use indoors and confined spaces that does not generate any toxic fumes.

A common scenario is that lithium ion batteries are often used in solar backup systems especially for households. With faster recharging, lithium battery storage system are able to provide more usable power than lead acid batteries. Lithium LiFePO4 battery is one of the mature technologies which have an expected lifespan over ten years, around 3-5 times that of lead acid batteries. When the grid is down in an earthquake, lithium batteries are capable of providing reliable backup power for mobile phones, laptops, and other electronic devices require power to be operated.

Lithium-ion batteries provide critical power for rescue due to they have a much higher energy density than other types of batteries, that means smaller size, making them ideal for carrying anywhere in an emergency. In the event of an earthquake, a lithium ion battery is often used to provide enough electricity for rescue operations. With weatherproof plug sockets and multiple AC/DC outputs, it can be used to provide mobile power supply for necessary electronic devices, communication devices and lights for rescue operations.

How to get reliable power supply when power outages occur in earthquakes?

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