How to choose a suitable lithium motorcycle battery?

On motorcycles, the battery is an essential and important accessory. Motorcycle batteries are used for starting, ignition and lighting. In other words, motorcycle batteries must have a certain capacity (to provide lighting) and a certain high current discharge capability (to provide starting and ignition).


The capacity of a motorcycle battery is determined by the current and duration required by electrical equipment such as motorcycle lighting. The standard is based on the rated capacity, which is generally expressed at a rate of 20 hours, that is, discharge at a certain current for 20 hours. When the cut-off voltage is 1.75V/cell, the discharged capacity is the nominal capacity.


The battery capacity of the motorcycle should also take into account the high current discharge capability. The maximum current is 10C, and the actual starting current is about 3~5C. See how much starting current the motor needs, and then calculate the capacity backwards. Take the higher one as the principle. The higher capacity is the battery capacity used in the motorcycle. It is generally redundant. In other words, a 6Ah battery is needed, and a 7Ah battery may be used to match. Therefore, sometimes a small battery is used instead of the original specification. The battery also can work normally.

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