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Why Choose POWEROAD ODM Solution ?

Leading Solution

For over 20 years, POWEROAD has been delivering reliable lithium energy solutions for various industries including RVs, Marines, Power Sports, Ourdoor supplies, etc. With more than 10 GWh lithium-based products are used worldwide, POWEROAD is recognized as a professional lithium-ion battery manufacturer and innovative pioneer in the lithium battery industry.

Reduce the Cost, Time and Effort

POWEROAD ODM offers professional engineer talents and experience across every development phase for the high efficiency to translate cost to revenue. We provide a one-stop solution from battery cell and raw material sorting, structural design, performance simulations, assembly and gauntlet inspection, help navigate your targets to your business strategies.

Flexible Offers

The POWEROAD ODM aims to provide tailors solutions to suit more specific needs. We offer various scales of demand and system-level customization services. Our experts and representatives work closely with the clients promptly validate the products for different and unique demands. We are confident to cooperate with the world, to plan, construct, and realize all the excellent projects.


What Does POWEROAD ODM Offers?

Reach, Design, and Engineering

The POWEROAD R&D team has over 30 well-trained professional electric engineers to ensure your breakthrough ideas are delivered to the market. Examined by the global market for over 20 years, the POWEOAD built lithium-ion battery solution practice in a wide variety of industries.We have expertise in Lithium Battery Packs, Residential Battery Energy Storage systems (BESS), Lithium-ion Starting Batteries, Smart Battery Management System design, chassis design, thermal analysis, etc.Production facilities can take manufacturing capacity up to XX Kwh per day.

World-Class Supply Chain

POWEROAD has an in-depth cooperation with the well-recognized China’s lithium-ion battery cell suppliers such as CATL, EVE, REPT, CALB, etc. The solid bond allows us to select the most fitting CORE of The Products – Lithium-ion battery cells for the customer who has appointed requirements, engaging the best material match with the dedicated projects.

Quality Inspection & Operations

With ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certificated, POWEROAD achieves high standard quality goals for ODM production using comprehensive quality assurance processes and thorough execution.The POWEROAD products are fully compliant with UN38.3, CE, and other global manufacturing procedure standards as required by the ODM clienteles.Last but not least, POWEROAD complies with the RBA(Responsible Business Alliance) standards for ethical practices and social responsibilities. Poweroad is your most trusted and reliable ODM partner.

POWEROAD has rich production experience and excellent product quality. Our products mainly include batería lifepo4 residencialbatería de litio 36v para motor curricán, módulo de batería de litio, etc. Si usted está interesado en nuestros productos, sienta por favor libre de entrarnos en contacto con.