POWEROAD introduce una nueva línea de producción en la base de Xiamen

POWEROAD has introduced a new production line of battery modules for energy storage systems recently, the production line is being installed and commissioned, and is scheduled to start production in Q4 in 2023.

Understood that innovation is key to the manufacturing and requires investing in the equipment. In compliance with strict quality requirements and ongoing technological advancement, POWEROAD invests both in technology research and production equipment to produce goods appropriate for usage throughout China and the world. Combined with comprehensive testing systems, incoming material inspection systems, finished product inspection systems and testers, and other intelligent manufacturing inspection equipment, POWEROAD creates a “research, production, and supply integration” model, that is capable for delivering customers with fast-delivered ESS products to satisfy customers’ needs.



The importance of increasing automation rate is that it not only lowers production costs but also improves final product yield, maintaining constant product quality. With the development of the energy storage business, this automated intelligent manufacturing lines aid in increasing production capacity and improving product quality. We’re dedicated to deliver products that are extremely stable and reliable, to ensure that every product on the market is of excellent quality, so that can help customers win the market share with the product competitiveness.

We will continue to invest in research and development, innovate, and supply customers with green and intelligent energy storage solutions.

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