Efficient, economical and dependable power solutions for various applications.

The best performing, most economical and dependable power solutions for various different applications.

Battery Pack

Customized Solution

Our team provides complete services from the initial concept and design to mass production of the solutions.

Requirements gathering. Concept design.
2D/3D CAD design. Thermal management. Safety design.
Automatic laser. Welding. Testing.
Mechanical. Electrical. Software. Interface. Certification.
"Module assembly. System integration.


E-Skateboard Lithium Battery Pack
24V 4Ah
E-Bike Lithium Battery Pack
36V 10Ah
E-tricycle Lithium Battery Pack
36V 76.8Ah (With USB Output)
"Automatic Guided Vehicles
48V 112Ah
Golf Cart Lithium Battery
48V 120Ah
E-Forklift Lithium Battery Pack
48V 400Ah
Golf Trolley Lithium Battery
12V 16Ah/22Ah
Lead-Acid Replacement For RV, Marine
12V 18Ah/65Ah/100Ah
Solar Street Light Battery Pack
24V 30Ah
Power Block for Energy Storage
48V 100Ah/150Ah/200Ah
Battery Module
48V 48Ah/ 96V 24Ah/ 192V 12Ah
Portable Power Supply
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