Time to go lithium.

Poweroad designs and manufactures a wide range of products, from basic cells with mutiple levels of power capacity, to a great deal of applications based on lithium-ion battery. Our extensive product range includes:
  • Cylindrical, pouch, and prismatic NMC and LFP cells;
  • Battery pack and solution for motive application, including E-bike, E-scooter/motorcycle, E-vehicle, E-bus, E-golf cart, E-forklift, AGV and etc;
  • Battery pack and solution for energy storage application, including portable power, residential energy storage, commercial & industrial energy storage, and utility energy storage;
  • Battery pack and solution for many customized application, like electric tool, solar street light, medical devices and so on;
  • Direct drop-in replacement of lead acid battery, for starting, deep cycle or standby applications.


Poweroad is a professional lithium-ion renewable energy product and solution provider. Based on strong technology development abilities and state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, annually we produce about 10 GWs cells, delivering better safety, longer cycle life and higher energy. We offer an extensive lineup of lithium-ion batteries ranging from Cylindrical, Pouch to Prismatic types, both NMC/NCA and LFP chemistry.

Golf Trolley Battery

With smart design and elegant appearance, the Poweroad golf trolley lithium battery is an ideal replacement for traditional lead acid golf trolley battery, fitting most golf trolleys. With super long cycle life and only 1/4 weight of lead acid battery, Poweroad golf trolley lithium battery is the best mate when you enjoy golfing.

Portable Power Supply

POWEROAD PRIME 750 is the ideal easy to move &use power supply solution for many activities at home, outdoor, and emergency. It makes your camping,tailgating and other mobile activities more comfortable. Meanwhile, in an emergency, it can also provide you with critical backup power.

Solar Street Light Battery

POWEROAD lithium ion solar street batteries are specially designed for commercial, farm, park, and residential solar lighting applications, providing affordable, accessible and reliable solar lighting energy.

Powersports Staring Battery

Since our launch of first generation lithium-ion (LiFePO4) powersports battery several years ago, hundreds and thousands of riders have enjoyed their pleasure of fantastic riding. Leading the way in lithium-ion technology, Poweroad never stops innovating. Our team employs cutting-edge technology and now we proudly announce the launching of our new-generation lithium-ion battery which is advancing towards 4S - stabler, safer, smarter, stronger.

Replacement for Lead-acid Battery

POWEROAD PRLR is a 12V 100Ah lithium ion battery module, offering a drop-in solution for lead acid battery replacement. Our battery module can be used individually or assembled in series to create larger system. Thanks to benefits of lithium ion battery, our modules are more and more applied to fields such as Solar, RV, Maritime, and other deep cycle applications.
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